Tonya Johnston Teaches How to Be a Consistent Rider


Master Your Mindset for Success with Your Horse

Every rider, at every level, has tough days when things just don’t go as planned. We all want to be more consistent riders, but it can feel like a difficult goal to achieve. Fortunately, upping your mental game can make a huge impact on your consistency, confidence, and ability to ride up to your potential. ⁣⁣
This Masterclass will give you the coaching and tool you need to improve your mindset - both in and out of the saddle - to become a more consistent rider.⁣⁣

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Develop Consistency

Quickly find that consistency doesn’t start in the saddle - it starts well before you even arrive at the barn! 

Create Pre-Ride Routines

Set yourself up for success by managing your environment with an intentional routine that you can follow no matter where you ride.

Manage Your Energy & Focus

Calm your nerves and develop a clear mind with science-based practices that will strengthen the more you practice them.

Course Overview

Here are just a few of the many things you'll learn during this course: 

  • 10 in-depth video lessons with Tonya Johnston
  • A 40 page Digital Workbook to help you track your progress and develop your skills
  • Techniques on how to bounce back from disappointing moments
  • How to use visualization to help create a successful mindset as well as plan for the unexpected
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How to Be a Consistent Rider Lesson Plan

Tonya explains what consistency really means and how it translates to more success and less frustration in the saddle. 

Learn how to recapture what has gone well in the past, and how to harness that power for future success. Take inventory of your best mental and physical abilities.

Consistency is negatively affected when you’re focused on things outside of your control. Identify what's in and out of your control and gain skills to cope with these distractions.

The way you set your goals is actually a big determiner of whether or not you will achieve them. Tonya will teach you how to bring those goals into the ring with you.

Breathing is the most basic way to align your mind and body, reduce stress and get yourself focused in the moment. Learn techniques for both in and out of the saddle, and how you can incorporate breath into a variety of situations.

Visualization is scientifically proven to enhance your performance and consistency - don’t underestimate this powerful tool. But, there are specific ways to incorporate visualization into the equestrian athlete's toolbox. 

Routines are proven to increase success and consistency in performance. Tonya will help you develop the exact routines that are right for you.

When the consistency you were working on hits a bump in the road, how do you get back on track? Tonya teaches specific exercises to regain control. 

Use video reviews the right way, and learn a step-by-step tool that Tonya incorporates after each ride to set herself up for success the next day. 

Closing thoughts on how to take what you've learned in this course forward with you for years to come.

Meet Tonya Johnston, your Masterclass Instructor

Tonya Johnston, MA, is a mental skills coach and author who works with riders all over the world. She specializes in working with equestrian athletes from disciplines such as hunter/jumper, three-day eventing, and dressage.

Tonya’s clients range from youngsters just starting out in the pony divisions, to professionals competing at international championships, and everyone in-between. She conducts mental training workshops throughout the country with private barns, regional and national associations, as well as high school and university equestrian teams, including the Stanford, SCAD and USC Equestrian Teams.

Tonya taught in the Sport Psychology Master’s program at John F. Kennedy University in Pleasant Hill, CA, for many years and is an accomplished rider in her own right, with many championships, wins and year-end awards in the hunter, jumper and equitation divisions to her credit.

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