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A Series of Resources to Help Riders Enter 2022 with a Sound Mind, Body and (hopefully) Horse...

What does a new year mean to you? Does it mean opportunity, or obligation?

We don’t want a “blank slate”. A blank slate means we can’t build on everything we’ve learned in the past, and being an equestrian is a lifelong journey that builds on itself, day after day, year after year. Let’s embrace that. 

Join us in entering 2022 with a series of mindful, sustainable improvements for our minds and bodies, and our horses’ minds and bodies. Let’s build on what we’ve learned in 2021 and get focused on not only what’s ahead, but where we are in the current moment.

Here’s how it’ll go down: 

  1. We’ll be running a series of Instagram Lives over on the Noelle Floyd Instagram account. These are free to the public, just be sure to follow us on Instagram
  2. We’ve developed a 30-day Legging Up for Soundness training program to guide you through one month of progressive, strategic riding and mental work to have you and your horse primed for whatever you’re tackling this spring. This program has been approved by a DVM, and is available for Masterclass members only. Sign up here
  3. We’re sending daily emails containing short bites of inspiration, education, and accountability reminders to keep you on track. Sign up below!
  4. Announcing Equestrian Masterclass Progress Journals! If you’re a rider who likes a calendar, progress-tracker, or daily journal, this one’s for you. Track your horse’s health, riding progress, your goals, finances, and more in this daily journal with plenty of room for note-taking. This journal contains 3 months and can be started at any time of the year. Journals can be purchased here.

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