The 30-Day Spooky Horse Challenge.


A 4-week challenge to help you transform your spooky horse into a confident, calm partner.


Challenge starts October 31, 2020.


Does your horse 'see dead people' on trail rides? Is the gremlin in the corner of the ring getting the best of him?

Does your horse… Spook at random times? Bolt or buck out of control for no reason? 

Does your horse become a fire breathing dragon as soon as you trailer them off property? 

Are you afraid to ride your horse? Not sure when or if your next spook will result in an injury? 

If so, then this challenge is for you.

Transform your horse into the cool, calm citizen he can be.

In this challenge, horse behavior specialist Tik Maynard guides you through a systematic approach to turn your horse into the "Steady Eddy" you didn't think he could be.

Learn how to...

  • Identify the root cause and patterns in your horse’s spookiness (trust me, they exist).
  • How to make your horse comfortable with new situations or people (yes - even if your horse hates ALL brunettes).
  • How to build a stronger relationship with your horse based on leadership, trust, and effective communication.

By the end of this challenge, you and your barn mates will not recognize your horse.


What's included?


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A 4-week guided program based on Tik Maynard's Spooky Horse Masterclass
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Unlimited access to our entire Masterclass library (over 170 in-depth lessons)
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A global, supportive community of fellow equestrians

Challenge Outline

Week 1: Understand your horse's spookiness and anxiety + Identify the root cause

Week 2: Build your relationship with your horse + help them cope with stress

Week 3: Learn the tools to gain their attention + manage spookiness 

Week 4: Problem solve their anxiety + set goals for the future

Meet Your Instructor, Tik Maynard:


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