Be a Better Partner For Your Horse.

Are you feeling frustrated or defeated when it comes to your horse?

Does your horse act out and you just can't figure out why?

Is your horse focused on everything and everyone – except you?

Or maybe you have a great partnership, but you've hit a wall.

There is hope for understanding the real cause of the training issues you have with your horse.

In this Masterclass, Tik Maynard will help you understand how horses behave, think, and feel in a way you’ve never heard before.


You can have a focused, respectful horse who wants to learn and perform at their best.

But it starts with you and your understanding of your horse.

We get it because we’ve been there. You’ve tried being soft. You’ve tried being firm. The truth is, it was not for a lack of effort on your part. You need a new strategy.

Horses are complicated creatures, but Tik Maynard makes things simple and helps you take the guesswork out of your riding and training.

This Masterclass will help you get to the root cause of your challenges with your horse.

Tik Maynard is an international-level competitor with a rich background in understanding horse behavior. He's an author, trainer, coach, and clinician who specializes in helping riders form better (and more successful) relationships with their horses.


In this course, you will learn how to: 

✅ Evaluate and manage your horse’s stress levels
✅ Put your horse in the optimal state to learn
✅ Reduce environmental stressors that hold your horse back from learning
✅ Motivate your horse to learn
✅ Develop mutual trust and respect
✅ Teach your horse to want to listen 
✅ Command attention without force 
✅ Eliminate bad behaviors for good
✅ Understand your horse's mood and behaviors better than ever before
✅ And much, much more...


Access a 10-Part video series, 44 page workbook and a community of supportive equestrians.

10-Part Video Series

Go deep into horse and human behavior in this progressive, 3 hour video series with one of the top behaviorists in horse sport. In this course you will learn horse behavior like you've never heard before.

44 Page Digital Workbook

Take what you learn in Tik's course and apply it to your own life. This downloadable PDF workbook can be printed at home or used digitally, perfect for working through lessons at home or at the barn. The workbook includes suggested training habits, exercise diagrams, and mini-training programs designed to help you build new skills and reach your goals.

About Tik

Tik Maynard is a trainer, coach, clinician, and international-level rider who has combined his love of eventing with horsemanship training. He and his wife, Sinead Halpin, who is a 5* eventer and member of the U.S. Equestrian Team, run Copperline Farm in Citra, Florida, accompanied by their young son, Brooks.

Tik grew up in Southlands, a small agricultural sector of Vancouver, British Columbia, where both his grandparents and parents shared their love of horses with him. His mother competed in grand prix dressage while his father was a grand prix show jumper. Tik grew up riding in the show jumping ring frequently and eventually became interested in Modern Pentathalon - a sport in which he won the National Championships and competed in the World Championships twice.

He then went on to work for Olympian Anne Kursinski, where he started as a working student but went on to serve as Assistant Trainer. He was then the head trainer at Bow Brickhill Stables in New Jersey before striking out on his own and settling in Florida and starting his business, Tik Maynard Company.

Tik Maynard's Lesson Plan

How horses use tension and relaxation to communicate with us.

Why the goal is not to control your horse, and what you should do instead. 

Why understanding your horse's motivation is even more important than your communication with him. 

The mindset your horse must be in to learn. 

Why stress and relaxation are not "yes" or "no" questions, and how to judge where your horse is on the spectrum. 

Understanding what scares horses, what makes them uncomfortable, and how they react to pressure.

What is "respect" in a horse - really? How do we establish it? 

How your language can shape your training. 

The fastest way to make your horse anxious, and how to avoid it. 

Understanding and leveraging a horse's natural motivation in training. 

How to use treats correctly in training. 

The correct process of introducing horses to new or scary things. 

How to create a better experience for your horse in all aspects of riding and handling - and why that can pay off for the rider. 

Working with and around the pushy or nippy horse.

Negative reinforcement versus positive reinforcement - what are they and when are they useful? 

Why reinforcement works better than punishment in training horses. 

Using your voice in training properly (hint: it's not just clucking and saying "woah"!)

Anticipating situations and catching small behaviors before they turn into full-blown problems. 

How to stand your ground around young, pushy, or nervous horses. 

How to encourage work ethic and prevent sourness in your horse. 

How to approach riding hot horses versus lazy horses differently. 

Structuring harmony vs disharmony in your rides. 

What is the equivalent of the Olympics of every action you do with your horse? How to make a plan to up your game in all aspects, and why that pays off in riding, training and competition. 

Tik establishes what a "tame" horse is versus a "trained" horse. 

A checklist to run through before you introduce your horse to a new skill or object, to ensure that you're both ready. 

How to move forward with this Masterclass long after you're done watching it. 

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I’m so happy I found Masterclass!


I’m so happy I found Masterclass. I have a great trainer, but I’m always looking to learn more, and these classes have been exactly what I need! I’ve had some problems with confidence and a habit of slowing to a stop at the first jump in a course when I’m showing. Having my trainer and Masterclass is the perfect combination! I’m feeling so much more relaxed and ready to rock my jumper classes!

- Anasofia

There's something for everyone!


While I work regularly with my trainer, working through the Masterclass videos and workbooks has given me new ideas and inspiration to help my horse be the best he can be. The teachers have all explained things at a level where I sit back and think "wow, he/she is right, that totally makes sense" and it was such basic knowledge that we sometimes don't stop to remember in the daily push of training and competing.

When watching Annette's classes I didn't feel that I needed a lot of the confidence building as my horse and I were working as a team, until yesterday, when the course was quite tough and there were a lot of crashes, including us. It was the first time where both he and I got a little shaken up and I realized I needed to go back and revisit some of her tips so I can help us get back to where we have been. That's what I like so much about the Masterclass series - it's all topics, all disciplines, but yet every rider can take something away from them. Maybe not right at that moment, but at some point, there is going to be that scenario where you realize you need and can apply something you learned!

- Roberta

I love these masterclasses.


I’m a true adult amateur hunter rider, I work full time as a nurse but my true passion has always been horses, I’m out at the barn almost every day. This is my horse Checklist, a 5 year old Oldenburg/ Holsteiner gelding by checkmate. He has a ton of personality but training him with my coaches help has been so rewarding, and he loves to jump!

I love masterclass, my absolute favourite so far has been Archie Cox, especially as a hunter rider. I love his approaches to each exercise, focusing on improvement, and knowing when to stop once you see improvement, and I love his viewpoints as a hunter rider, judge, and trainer. And I love the fact that he used a young horse in his videos instead of a seasoned hunter.

- Jessica

Learned something from every course.


My name is Mollie and I am a 15 year old British show jumper. I live in Oman with my horse La Paloma. We have just got back to the Sultanate of Oman after 2 months training in Holland. We are jumping 1.20 and last season we won together, the female rider award, junior rider award and won both our classes in the championships.

I have used the Masterclass with Anne Kursinski to improve my communication between my horse and I. I feel that I now have a better understanding of what she understands from my aids and build my riding around that. I have used the masterclass with Annette Paterakis to help me excell under pressure by becoming more confident. Ian Miller has helped me with basic groundwork and lunging of my horse so that we have a good mutal understanding and respect for each other. I am very excited to watch the new Masterclass with Archie Fox specifically to improve my striding. 

Thank you so much!


Cool Boy, my 7 year old, and I have a very great relationship. We work in harmony to achieve our best results. Thanks to the Masterclasses we were able to always do our best at every show. I use Annette Paterakis’ course to prepare for upcoming competitions, I’m implementing the things I learned with my 7 year old. The website is super easy to use and the courses are very simple to follow. Thank you so much!

My awareness has greatly improved!


I came to riding late in life, on a dare from a young granddaughter. Turned out I loved it. Started with Western, but I wanted to jump so moved to English. So, about three years riding time. I’ve been riding different lesson horses over the past three years, this is me with Charu, my favorite, and a very affectionate mare, smarter than me too. I have particularly enjoyed Ian’s and Archie’s Masterclasses. They have helped improve my awareness of the horse as well as the arena, and reinforced the basics in a new and helpful way.

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