Ansley Bevan Teaches Assessing & Building Your Horse's Topline


The Topline Can Make or Break a Horse

A well-developed topline indicates a horse who has a stable support system for their entire spinal column from nose to tail. This is key to longevity and soundness, especially if he’s asked to carry a rider. However, underdeveloped toplines and dysfunction plagues over 50% of horses that this instructor sees in her field work. In this Masterclass, top equine bodyworker Ansley Bevan will teach you the physiology of toplines, how to assess them in the field, and how to rehabilitate and strengthen a topline to create a sounder, healthier, happier, and more beautiful horse.

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Identify Pain Signals

Learn how to speak your horse's "pain" language. What’s your horse trying to tell you with his body language? Sometimes, it’s as subtle as a tight jaw or nose, and other times, it’s kicking or biting. But whether it’s “loud” or “quiet”, it’s communication that’s worth listening to. 

Assess Topline Health

Ansley will explain how to assess your own horse’s topline in 3 “zones” in the first video of this section. Then,  move into 4 “topline studies” of real horses with varying levels of topline development so that you can become more skilled in visual examination and assessment.

Rehabilitate Toplines

Learn several important dynamic mobilization exercises and several unmounted exercises that are effective at building topline strength, and be able to assess which exercises is appropriate at which point in your horse's rehab and training regimen. 

Course Overview

Here are just a few of the many things you'll have access to with this course: 

  • 12 video lessons with Ansley Bevan.
  • 4 mobility exercises and 3 unmounted rehab exercises that will help you create a horse with a stronger topline.
  • Several case studies of horses with varying degrees of topline health so you can become better at assessing toplines in the field.
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Ansley Bevan's Lesson Plan

In this lesson, we learn about the importance of a horse's topline and how it can impact their overall health and performance. In other words, why is the topline such a big deal?

Ansley also explains why there are more horses performing with dysfunctional toplines that you'd think, and that underdevelopment and pain are often under-recognized in the sport horse.

By understanding how to properly assess your horse's topline, you can identify any potential issues and take the necessary steps to address them.

Ansley walks you through assessing your topline in 3 zones. Since the "topline" refers to a large amount of real estate on the horse with several soft and bony structures, it's necessary to break the topline down into more specific regions to identify where the underdevelopment is taking place.

Go through four real-time case studies with Ansley as she breaks down what she's seeing in each horse's topline, and what she would do to address it if the horse were her client. 

What’s your horse trying to tell you with his body language? Sometimes, it’s as subtle as a tight jaw or nose, and other times, it’s kicking or biting. But whether it’s “loud” or “quiet”, it’s communication that’s worth listening to. Ansley explains.

It’s not just about muscle, it’s about mobility. In this lesson, Ansley gives you 4 unique exercises for stretching and strengthening different areas of the topline. These can be used daily to become a wonderful part of your horse’s routine!

Ansley walks you through 3 of her favorite exercises for topline rehabilitation and muscle development. Note - ALL of these exercises are unmounted! That’s an important aspect of this program. She also briefly examines two horses on the longe line - one who is moving in such a way as to engage the topline, and the other one who is moving in a “less ideal” frame and shape.

Final thoughts. Ansley empowers you to be the best and biggest advocate for your horse’s health and wellbeing.

Meet Ansley Bevan, your Masterclass Instructor

Meet your instructor, Ansley Bevan. Ansley has been a licensed massage therapist for over 10 years. Dual certified in equine bodywork as well as equine rehabilitation, Ansley is passionate about correct equine biomechanics and the role it plays in long term soundness. Trained in various techniques including massage, myofascial release, and acupressure, Ansley tailors her treatments to each horse's unique needs. Renowned for her gentle yet effective approach, she enhances the well-being and performance of her equine clients. Through education and hands-on care, Ansley strives to promote the health and happiness of horses, earning the trust and admiration of the equestrian community.

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