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For the first time, Equestrian Masterclass is offering individual courses for purchase. Learn based on your interests and needs by selecting courses and instructors that fit your unique challenges and goals.

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The "Why" Behind Equestrian Masterclass

In her own words, our founder Noëlle Floyd discusses why she started her blog and subsequently Equestrian Masterclass, and also why she thinks that building community and asking questions is the best pathway forward for better horse welfare in all disciplines.

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What Else is New with Equestrian Masterclass

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The Tik Maynard Horsemanship Bundle

Learn a life changing system for training horses with three of Tik's most popular courses on horse behavior and training. Revolutionize your relationship with your horse, regardless of your experience level or discipline.

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Tik Maynard Teaches Introducing Play with Your Horse

In this program, 2024 Road to the Horse champion Tik Maynard teaches you a proven method of transforming "work" into "play" for a stronger bond with your own horse.

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Beyond the Bit with Mette Larsen

In this course, USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist and accomplished FEI dressage competitor Mette Larsen takes you through a bitting journey that teaches you how to select the best bit, how different bits function in the mouth, and what signs of discomfort to look out for.

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Ansley Bevan Teaches Assessing & Building Your Horse's Topline

In this Masterclass, Ansley Bevan will teach you the physiology of toplines, how to assess them in the field, and how to rehabilitate and strengthen a topline to create a sounder and healthier horse.

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Boyd Martin's Bravery Development Masterclass Bundle

Access 3 in-depth Masterclasses taught by Boyd Martin & learn his systematic process for developing bravery through competence, preparation and creating a thinking horse.

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Peter Wylde's Flatwork Non-Negotiables

 In this Training Program, Peter Wylde shows you his go-to flatwork warm-up and some foundational exercises that will benefit any rider, and create a more rideable, flexible, and sound horse.

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Foundation Reset Training Program

Rebuild your foundation with an 8-week guided Training Program designed to help you and your horse build the tools and skills you'll need to move forward together, regardless of your discipline. 

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Dressage Dressed Down with Laura Graves

A 3-Part Masterclass Bundle to bring experimentation, curiosity, and consistency to your training process with US Olympic Dressage rider Laura Graves.

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We Empower Equestrians by Making the Best Trainers and Teachers in the Sport Accessible to Everyone.

Comprehensive Online Courses

Created by the top riders in horse sport - covering everything from horse behavior to groundwork, horse care, rider mindset and jumping.

Structured Training Programs

Access day-by-day, week-by-week training programs created in partnership with expert trainers

Guided Rides

Listen while you ride - guided audio lessons by world class trainers

Equestrian Masterclass Gives you Access to Over 52 In-Depth Online Courses, Guided Rides, and Training Programs

Here are just a few of the course available to our members - with new ones added on a regular basis.

Master Your Mindset with Jenny Susser, Ph.D.


Overcome Horse Behavior Challenges With Tik Maynard


Learn to Ride Strategically with Karl Cook


Improve Your Jumping with Olympian Ian Millar


Learn How Dressage Can Help All Riders with Mette Larsen


Understand Biomechanics & Bodywork with Carolyn Cohen


Improve Your Horse Care with Olympic Groom Max Corcoran


Establish Feel with Olympian Anne Kursinski


Learn Dental Anatomy & Choosing Bits with Dr. Bess


Improve Your Turns With Olympian Martin Fuchs


Master Leg Aftercare With Margo Thomas


Learn To See The Distance With Missy Clark


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See What our Members Have to Say About Equestrian Masterclass

Join a supportive community of thousands of equestrians who will help you reach your goals.

K. Walsh

I signed up last week to the trial and can honestly say it's the best equestrian app I have ever been on! I've learned so much already, and it's helping me not only in my riding but also just in my general approach. Ian Millar is incredible! My 2 horses are as grateful as I am for it I think!

M. Brown

"I just wanted to say I absolutely love the new Guided Rides! I'm a professional rider and trainer, and I often feel like I'm just going through the motions when I flat my personal horses. Having the Guided Rides has brought some intentionality back to my personal riding. Brilliant idea!"  

K. Watson

I'm thoroughly enjoying all of the online learning. Many good instructors, Tik Maynard is my personal No. 1! I've had some dangerous problems with a new horse, and Tik's classes have no-doubt taught me how to identify and overcome communication issues that were the cause of our problems. 

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