Archie Cox Teaches How to Win


Give yourself the tools you need to make you and your horse shine in the show ring.

Trainer & judge Archie Cox shows you how to be a winner by defining your own success, changing how you think about competition, feeling confident and prepared, and helping you and your horse perform at your very best.

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Ride Smarter, Every Time

Define your plan so that every time you step in the show ring, you know exactly what you'll try to accomplish at any given moment - and have a plan for when things don't go as planned!

Show with Confidence

Find out how to be strategic in your competition plan to make sure you show off your horse's best attributes, and to help them present their best in areas that come less naturally. 

Define Your Own Success

Learn to set your own standards for success in the show ring, and at home, to create a program for you and your horse that doesn't rely on external validation or results. 

Course Overview

Here are just a few of the many things you'll have access to with this course: 

  • 10 in-depth video lessons with Archie Cox
  • Mindset strategies for staying cool when things don't go as planned
  • How to show off your horse's best attributes
  • Helping your horse jump their best in both the hunter and equitation rings 
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How to Win Lesson Plan

Feeling successful shouldn’t be defined by your level of riding or by the types of shows you attend, but by good horsemanship, good sportsmanship, and performing at your best.

Be honest with yourself about your goals. Success is doing what is best for you and best for your horse. If you put your partnership first, you’ll always find success. Don’t be afraid to set big, loft goals, but also don’t get hung up on the outcome -- enjoy the process with your horse. Remembers, the harder you work, the better you get.

Your turnout should always be neat and tidy, and many elements of good turnout are rooted in function. Your presentation and attention to detail is a reflection of how much you care. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, whether that means borrowing a riding coat or getting tips on braiding.

Remember to be seen and put your horse in the best position for success! Proper planning and strategy are the keys to winning on the flat.
First impressions are powerful, so make a statement when you enter the ring that the judge can’t forget. And no matter what happens, keep looking forward and making sure you nail the next movement.

Learn how to knowing your horse’s size and stride length, so it will give you the biggest advantage in the competition ring. Be strategic with your riding. If you are going toward or away from the gate, learn how to prepare for the change you might see in your horse. 

Develop ways to best plan ahead for the course so that you have confidence the second you walk in. Learn how to troubleshoot common mistakes and pitfalls that happen early in the course, and make sure you finish with flair. 

No matter your size, body control is a powerful tool for all riders. Learn how your body as a rider affects your horse. Is he quick and sensitive? Or big and dull? Identifying this relationship will help you achieve success. No one gets so good that they don’t have to check their position. Discover how to periodically check in with your body for form and function.

Archie teaches why knowing your horse’s stride is the first step to a winning hunter or jumper round.
Don’t be afraid to get outside your comfort zone here. Changing your speed, length of stride or line while jumping isn’t easy. Learn creative ways to show off your horse, regardless of their stride!

Learn why very single ride is part of your journey with your horse. Take a few seconds every ride to enjoy it and be grateful. Archie explains that your journey is not based on a single ride, and talks about seeing the bigger picture. 

Archie teaches why a desire to learn and improve trumps natural talent, and that hard work will always beat out money and opportunity. Think outside the box when you decide what success means to you. Everyone’s answers will be different!

Meet Archie Cox, your Masterclass Instructor

Archie Cox has been immersed in the horse world his entire life. Placing at both the AHSA Medal and ASPCA Maclay Finals himself as a junior, he's since gone on to coach more than 40 riders to national championships. For the past 23 years he's operated Brookway Stables, helping numerous horses and riders collect national titles and wins at the biggest shows and venues in the country, including NHS, WIHS, Devon, and WEF. 

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