Dr. Jenny Susser Teaches Performing Under Pressure

Learn How to Perform Under Pressure

Every rider feel pressure, whether it's right before the horse show you spent hundreds of dollars on, or in the clinic with the instructor you want to impress. Dr. Jenny Susser, renowned sports psychologist and former USET Olympic Team Sport Psychologist, shares the mind & body techniques you'll need to become an unshakeable rider, and turn pressure into a positive force that drives you to perform at your best, rather than a negative force that creates self doubt and loss of confidence. 


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Learn the Science Behind Pressure

Knowledge is power - once you know what's happening physiologically when your palms sweat or your heart races, you can start to figure out how to gain better control over it from an emotional point of view. 

Find Your Optimal Pressure Zone

In order to grow and perform at your best, you actually need a certain level of pressure. The key to confidence and success is learning to prepare for the kind of pressure you'll be under so that you can use it to your advantage instead of letting it bring you down.

Create a Systemized Approach

Dr. Jenny thinks most riders have been taught goal setting or visualization tools incorrectly. Learn the tools and strategies used by the top riders competing at the highest levels, and how to use them the right way for real results.

Course Overview

Here are just a few of the many things you'll learn during this course: 

  • What's happening in your mind and body when you feel pressure
  • How pressure affects your ability to stay on course, ride your plan, and make good decisions
  • Techniques to take your brain from reactive to rational
  • Visualization, goal setting, and other techniques that can help improve your riding even when you're not in the saddle.
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Performing Under Pressure Lesson Plan

Understand what pressure is, how it affects our brains & bodies, and the different types of pressure we experience.

Learn how our environment affects pressure, the brain science of pressure, and how our bodies mitigate stress responses.

Understand how you personally react to pressure, how to prepare for pressure situations, and how to find your optimal pressure zone for peak performance.

Examine the secrets of how top performers do so well under pressure and how the physiology of fear, worry, stress, and excitement impact our brains and bodies.

Learn physical tools and exercises to mitigate stress and overcome your brain & body responses to pressure situations.

Discover the right way to set goals, why goal-setting fails most people, and how to align your horse, trainer, and team with your goals.

Learn how to create a daily, personalized visualization program that creates results. Learn Dr. Jenny's rules for effective visualization.

Landry works with Dr. Jenny on perfectionism, processing emotions, and being present in the saddle.

Chris and Grail work with Dr. Jenny on prioritizing personal goals, balancing expectations, and staying connected.

Melissa and Judgewell work with Dr. Jenny to strengthen their partnership, conquer performance jitters, and develop trust.

Find out how to create a personalized system with the tools from this Masterclass to take control of your mental game.

Meet Dr. Jenny Susser, your Masterclass Instructor

Dr. Jenny Susser, a licensed psychologist and Certified Mental Performance Consultant, brings a wealth of experience in Sport & Performance Psychology. A former elite athlete, she was a four-year All-American swimmer, coached at UCLA, and competed in the 1988 Olympic Trials. Dr. Jenny has worked with diverse clients, from Division I collegiate teams to equestrians at all levels. She served as the Sport Psychologist for the South African Para Dressage Team in 2010 and the USET Sport Psychologist for the US Olympic Dressage Team in 2012. Transitioning to the corporate realm, she has delivered keynote speeches and performance training to Fortune 500 companies, blending science, education, experience, and intuition for remarkable results.

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