Create a Strong Foundation with Your Horse

The Foundation Reset is an 8-week guided Training Program designed to help you and your horse build the tools and skills you'll need to move forward together, regardless of your discipline. Developed with the way we learn in mind, this program helps you create new riding habits to make sure knowledge sticks.

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Train with the Industry's Top Riders

Karl Cook, Ian Millar, Peter Wylde, Tik Maynard, Dr. Tonya Johnston, and many others give you lessons in flatwork, polework, jumping, groundwork, and mindset training, sharing their decades of horsemanship knowledge. Over the course of 8 weeks, you'll gain access to over 70 online videos, as well as Guided Rides and weekly progress assessments to make sure you stay on track. 

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Built with the Way you Learn in Mind

Our habit-based learning experience gets you into a routine, both in and out of the saddle. By learning new skills, getting time to practice and apply theory before building on that new skill, then taking some time to assess your progress, you’ll see your goals become more tangible and easier to achieve. Motivation comes from good habits, and this program will help you create both.

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Prevent Future Setbacks for You and Your Horse

This program helps you develop a strong base of fitness, both mentally and physically. By focusing on partnership, simple skills done well, and partnership with your horse, you'll set a strong, positive tone for the entire rest of the year. Additionally, foundation work serves as a preventative measure, protecting against season ending injuries and setbacks.

Over the Course of this Program, you're Going to Learn...

  • New strategies for staying creative so that you (and your horse) don't get bored
  • Innovative ways to create routine so you remain motivated and engaged
  • Novel ways to approach new things with horse horse so that you increase the level of fun and strengthen your bond
  • How to achieve a stronger base of fitness now to prevent injuries¬†in the future
  • How to plan out your rides and what you want to accomplish so that you stay strategic with each session
  • The right way to set goals for the year or season ahead so that you attain them

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Foundation Reset Training Program


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For less than the cost of 2 riding lessons, you get 90 days of access to...

  • The¬†Foundation Rese Training Program

  • Over 75 video lesson from the sport's top instructors

  • Over 20 Guided Rides to help you practice in real-time in the saddle
  • Self assessments to track your progress along with¬†PDF exercise sheets
  • Access to the Equestrian Masterclass App
  • The¬†ability¬†to¬†get an¬†Equestrian Masterclass Membership at a special discounted price
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See what our members have to say about Equestrian Masterclass

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K. Walsh

I signed up last week to the trial and can honestly say it's the best equestrian app I have ever been on! I've learned so much already, and it's helping me not only in my riding but also just in my general approach. Ian Millar is incredible! My 2 horses are as grateful as I am for it I think!

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K. Cook

"I just wanted to say I absolutely love the new Guided Rides! I'm a professional rider and trainer, and I often feel like I'm just going through the motions when I flat my personal horses. Having the Guided Rides has brought some intentionality back to my personal riding. Brilliant idea!"  

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M. Watson

I'm thoroughly enjoying all of the online learning. Many good instructors, Tik Maynard is my personal No. 1! I've had some dangerous problems with a new horse, and Tik's classes have no-doubt taught me how to identify and overcome communication issues that were the cause of our problems. 

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