Master the foundations of successful riding and training.

Ten-time Olympian Ian Millar teaches his first ever Masterclass on the foundations of successful riding. Learn why he thinks all riders need to perfect their position and aids, his innovative approach to lunging to build confidence and communication, how he practices at home to set up for success, and his secrets to performing on show days – learned from years as Team Canada's anchor rider.

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Build a Strong Foundation

Learn Ian's five fundamentals of proper position, perfect your aids and communication, and study how the masters practice at home to set up for success.

Learn to Lunge the Right Way

Learn Ian's method for creating a generous, confident, kind attitude in any horse through his unique approach to lunging that combines natural horsemanship and traditional training.

Perform Under Pressure

Create unshakeable confidence as you learn step-by-step the tools and techniques Ian uses to teach students how to perform their best under pressure in lessons, clinics, and competitions.


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Become a Masterclass member and get unlimited access to all of our equestrian masterclasses. Each course contains hours of video footage, an ebook to make the course practical, and a community of other equestrians to help encourage you to reach your goals. 

The problem with most online equestrian education is that it's either too general, or too specific. There's a lack of balance between holistic theory and practical application. 

NOELLE FLOYD Masterclasses bridge this gap by working with the top equestrian trainers in the world to produce high quality video footage, cover a range of topics holistically, and turn the theories into mini-training programs that you can take with you to your barn.

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"Such a great program. Videos that I've already watched over and over to catch all the nuances. So happy to have access to this great material!"

- Pam

"I’ve adjusted how I’m lunging to incorporate the techniques used in the video. Very helpful, especially with my young off the track mare! She’s already thinking things through and slowing down from voice more consistently."

- Victoria

"Thoroughly enjoyed this class and I WILL be watching them again, and often! In the first pass I picked up simple things like keeping my weight even in the stirrup to correct my leg position. BIG improvement! "

- Christina

Ian Millar's Lesson Plan

Dive into the life, history, and career of Canada’s most decorated athlete. Learn what has influenced Ian most as a horseman, and listen to the incredible stories that led Ian Millar to break Olympic records.

Learn what Ian thinks separates a true student of the sport, why it’s important to identify the unique learning styles of horse and rider, and why a ‘horses first’ approach influences every element of his training.

Ian explains why he places special influence on the classical basics, breaks down what that means for all levels of rider, and expertly explains how to master each of his ‘five fundamentals’ of successful riding both on the flat and over fences. Regardless of your skill level or experience, Ian’s methods will help you develop functionality, efficiency, and your own personal style to help you lean into your confidence and abilities.

In this extensive lesson, broken down into three parts, you’ll learn Ian’s unbreakable rules for creating a generous, confident, and kind attitude in any horse through a completely unique approach to groundwork and lunging like you’ve never seen before. This step by step practical lesson teaches you the exact skills and exercises you need to establish the connection, control, and communication you need with your horse to succeed in the saddle.

Learn from the master of performing under pressure – in this lesson, Ian teaches his theory of practicing until ‘you can’t get it wrong’,  his distinctive approach to visualization, how to overcome a fear of failure and let failures work in your favor, finding your ultimate pressure level for peak performance, building a true support system, and mentally preparing for any course or competition setting.

Study the theories of deep learning and the underlying psychology of successful competitive riders. Understand the ‘P-principle’ and how it influences a competitive mindset, then get step-by-step practical instruction on exactly how to practice at home for competition, including schooling long and illogical courses, practicing for spooky jumps, and dealing with outside distractions.

Anchor riders are masters at excelling under pressure, and Ian Millar is the ultimate anchor. In this lesson, Ian lays out the individual skills that anchor riders have to develop to succeed, and explains how each of these relates to every level of rider. From managing your body like a true athlete, to mitigating stress and anxiety, to eating correctly for performance, this is Ian’s hands-on guide to getting the most out of each show day, as influenced by his success anchoring for Team Canada.

When it comes to showing, Ian has a formula for success down to a science. He walks you through how to walk a course properly (and it’s not what you’d expect!), how to strategize for any type of course – from hunters, to jumpers, to equitation, or even cross country – and how to warm up like a pro, tailoring the warm up process to your specific horse, what best sparks your energy, and the specific challenges of the course and competition venue.

Technical skills get put to the test in this unique film review based lesson, where Ian analyzes the details – big and small – that separate a winning horse and rider. Borrowing from other competitive sports such as football and tennis, we use competition footage, detailed analysis, and instant replays to show what gives Ian the winning edge in this highly competitive jump-off, as he explains how you can put those elements into practice in your own riding.

Recap the most important takeaways from each lesson, with a focus on combining them all into a cohesive practice you can use throughout your riding career to continuously grow, improve, and reach new goals. Here, Ian also speaks on the importance of continuing to evolve as a student, as well as savouring each moment and truly enjoying one’s life with horses.


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