Martin Fuchs Teaches Riding the Turn


Feel Confident in the Turns

In this masterclass, Martin teaches you the specific flatwork exercises that he uses to train better turns, and takes you through each exercise step by step, breaking them down into practical lessons that anyone can use at any level for more confident, balanced, purposeful turns.You’ll also learn step-by-step how to plan smarter tracks, incorporate your new skills into your courses, and ride to win through better flatwork and a more efficient line and track

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Learn Why Turns Matter

Classes are lost and won in the turns. Martin Fuchs gives his insight into why the turns matter so much to your overall round, and how they've either helped or hintered him during his career. 

Flatwork for Turns

Martin takes you through several exercises including shoulder-in, cavaletti on a circle, and a basic canter pirouette in order to hone the building blocks of a good turn. 

Better Turns on Course

Put it altogether by applying what you've learned to courses, so that you can see how every skill adds up to the greater whole of better turns when it matters. 

Course Overview

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  • in-depth video lessons with Martin Fuchs
  • Detailed exercises to practice at home
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Riding the Turn Lesson Plan

Martin Fuchs explains why turns are so critical to riding hunter, jumper, and equitation courses and gives an overview of what you will learn in this course, as well as common mistakes he often sees.

Martin introduces his favorite flatwork exercise for better turns: the shoulder in. You will learn step-by-step how to perform a proper shoulder in, how to do a shoulder in on a circle, and how this exercise contributes to better turns on course.

In this lesson, Martin will introduce you to the exercise that helped him drastically improve his turns on course with his best horse, Clooney. After swinging too wide in a turn in an important class in Aachen, Germany, Martin went back to basics to improve his turns and rocket to the #1 FEI ranking.

You'll learn a step-by-step approach to the basic canter pirouette, starting in a beginner friendly way.

Use the skills learned in the flatwork exercises and begin to apply them to jumping in this cavaletti circle exercise, where you will practice controlling your horse's shoulder while maintaining the balance and impulsion through the hind end.

Martin gives you modifications to make this exercise easier or more difficult.

In this final lesson, you'll take the skills you've built through flatwork and cavaletti exercises and use them on course, practicing more balanced, efficient, and powerful turns between jumps. You'll also learn how to plan better and more effective tracks.

Meet Martin Fuchs, your Masterclass Instructor

Martin is a Swiss Olympic show jumper who climbed to World #1 ranking in 2020, and is currently ranked 2nd in the world on the FEI Longines World rankings.

Martin competed at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he finished sixth with his team and ninth individually.

In 2019, he won the individual gold at the European Championship in Rotterdam.

Martin's uncle Markus Fuchs is a five-time Olympian and won a team silver in show jumping at the 2000 Summer Olympics.

His father, Thomas, competed at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona and his mother, Renata, was also an elite show jumper.

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