Max Corcoran Teaches Horse Care for All Seasons


Every Detail, Every Season. Make Your Year Count.

You would do anything for your horse. We know that. That's why we teamed up with one of the top grooms in the world to bring you the most comprehensive horse care Masterclass ever. From soundness to nutrition, clipping to blanketing, and far beyond, Max Corcoran breaks down the skills, tools, and strategies you need for each season to care for your horse throughout the year.

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Season Specific Care

Be prepared for any time of year by learning common horse management & care challenges and strategies for combatting them, thus keeping your horse more comfortable and healthier. From winter through summer, make sure you're on top of whatever is coming next. 

Bust Management Myths

One of the hardest parts of caring for your horse is sorting through all of the conflicting information that comes your way. With this masterclass, bust through common misconceptions with one of the leading experts in the field, so you know what to pay attention to, & what NOT to pay attention to. 

Tricks of the Trade

Baby diapers for a lost shoe? A beer to get your horse sweating? Garlic to fend off mosquitos? Learn the trade secrets of a top groom and stable manager so you can better care for your own horse at home, at the show, and wherever your partnership takes you. 

Course Overview

Here are just a few of the many things you'll have access to with this course: 

  • 15 easy-to-follow videos with Max Corcoran broken down by season.¬†
  • An interactive, printable workbook.¬†
  • Access to the Equestrian Masterclass Facebook Group community.¬†
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Max Corcoran's Lesson Plan

Max Corcoran takes your behind the scenes of her time as a top level groom, and teaches you how to think of your horse like caring for an Olympic level athlete. She also outlines what defines Horse Management, and how to plan ahead for success.

Your lessons for this season focus on blanketing, nutrition, other common goals and challenges that accompany riding and caring for our horses in the coldest weather of the year. 

While it may be the time of year when we all rejoice, it's also a time of year when your horse goes through some major transitions. Learn how to keep them healthy as their bodies and routines adjust to the warmed and longer days. 

While summer may be our favorite time of year, it's not so much the case for our horses. Learn how to make sure their care reflects the extreme conditions their bodies are placed under to keep them both happy and sound during your competition season. 

Ah, spooky season! Learn how to help your horse transition into the cooler weather without losing their heads, and how to best prepare them for the upcoming months of cold. 

Meet Max Corcoran, your Masterclass Instructor

Max Corcoran is a revered name in equestrian circles, renowned for her expertise as an Olympic groom. With a lifelong passion for horses, Corcoran's journey led her to excel in the often-overlooked yet critical role of grooming. Her meticulous care and attention to detail have been instrumental in the success of elite equestrian teams at the Olympic level. Beyond her professional achievements, Corcoran is a mentor and educator, inspiring countless aspiring equestrians worldwide. Her dedication to the well-being of horses and her impact on the sport make her a true icon in the equestrian community.

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