Quiet Your Riding with Peter Wylde

Learn how to ride effectively and invisibly

In this masterclass, top Show Jumper and trainer Peter Wylde takes you through his step by step method to becoming a quiet rider. Develop your feel, still your seat, and learn effectively use your aids with their softest application to get the job done - be the rider your horse always wanted you to be! 

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Emulate the Best Riders

Learning can be done just by watching! Discover which riders Peter feels are worth emulating, and learn how to discover which riders you yourself want to ride more like (and how to make it happen). 

Polish Your Position

Get Peter's flatwork and jumping position fundamentals, and go through a series of exercises to practice so that you start to fine tune your position to be simultaneously quiet and effective . 

Use Guided Rides

This Masterclass also comes with a series of Guided Rides that take your through a series of rides in real time on your horse, so that you can learn and practice your skills in real time, for as many times as you need for the habits to stick. 

Course Overview

Here are just a few of the many things you'll have access to with this course: 

  • 11 in-depth video lessons with Peter Wylde
  • 5 Guided Rides with Masterclass instructors like Chelsea Canedy, Andrew Welles, and Tonya Johnston 
  • Develop the basics of a quiet position
  • Exercises on the flat and over fences to help develop your invisible aids 
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Quiet Your Riding Lesson Plan

In this lesson, you’ll meet your instructor, Peter Wylde, and learn about what he believes quiet, effective riding to be - and how it can be accomplished.

Peter takes your through riders that he himself admires as "quiet" riders, and how to watch riders you admire in order to learn from them without ever going to the barn or getting in the saddle. 

Peter takes you through the basics of achieving a quiet position on your horse. 

Peter explains the parts of a position on the flat that he feels are fundamental to master before moving into more advanced work. 

Learn different exercises without your stirrups to practice to help you achieve a quiet position. 

One of our most overlooked aids, Peter explains how your seat can play a huge role in quieting your ride, and explains several exercises to practice. 

Learn how to use warm-up jumps to assess your position and get yourself in control of your body before you go on course. 

Bounces are fantastic exercises to learn how to keep yourself still while your horse moves underneath you. In this lesson, Peter takes you through his favorite configurations, and explains what you should strive for when doing them yourself. 

Once you've mastered bounces, move on to gymnastics to maintain a quiet position in between jumps 

In this lesson, Peter reviews two skillful jump-off rounds, one with Germany's Marcus Ehning and another with America's Mclain Ward. He'll explain some of the things that make these riders so smooth and effective.

In this lesson, Peter will show some practical applications of the concepts he spoke about in Lesson 10. There are 3 exercises demonstrated, all of which can be built according to the space you have available and the height you are comfortable and safe jumping. Remember: These exercises are not so much about size as they are technicality!

Meet Peter Wylde, your Masterclass Instructor

Peter Wylde is a highly accomplished American show jumper hailing from Massachusetts.Known for his exceptional riding skills, he gained international recognition in 2002 by securing a gold medal at the FEI World Equestrian Games in Jerez, Spain, riding Fein Cera. Wylde's Olympic journey includes contributing to the U.S. team's silver medal in Athens 2004.

Beyond his competitive achievements, he plays a vital role in the equestrian community by training and coaching aspiring riders. With a career spanning decades, Peter Wylde remains a respected figure in the world of show jumping, embodying dedication and skill in this demanding sport.

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