Tik Maynard Teaches Training the Spooky or Anxious Horse


Turn Your Horse into a Solid Citizen

In this masterclass, you'll learn horse behavior, horse psychology, and training fundamentals by expert, author, and top clinician Tik Maynard. Transform your spooky horse into one who listens, thinks, and responds appropriately when placed in uncomfortable situations. 

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Get Into Your Horse's Head

Learn how your horse thinks and perceives the world around them so you can be better at helping them through uncomfortable situations on the ground and in the saddle. 

Fill Your Toolbox

Discover a wide array of techniques to better connect and communicate with your horse, and learn how to select which one to use for any given situation. 

De-Spook Your Horse

Help your horse self regulate when confronted with scary objects or situations, so they can learn how to deescalate their own feelings with less and less help from you over time. 

Course Overview

Here are just a few of the many things you'll have access to with this course: 

  • 12 in-depth video lessons with Tik Maynard
  • Learn how your horse thinks and looks at the world around them
  • Practical tactics you can use with your horse to help them when scared
  • The hows and whys of each potential issue with spookiness, including preventative measures 
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Training the Spooky or Anxious Horse Lesson Plan

Tik explains that every horse has unique feelings and behaviors. In order to problem solve, we must use proven techniques and theories, and adapt them to our unique horses. 

Learn the root causes of spookiness or anxiety, and the expectations to have along with way as you help your horse through it. 

Tik takes you through the Scale of Anxiety, and explains how it plays into the training of your horse at any given moment. 

Ever wonder how to tell what your horse is thinking? This lesson helps you do just that, as you start to recognize signs of anxiety and fear in your horse. 

Tik takes you though the various ways that you can be your horse's best friend when they start to feel anxious, and how to help them get through those moments with increasing confidence.

The stronger your bond, the more your horse will look to you in times of stress. Learn how to build your relationship with your horse to become their rock when things are scary. 

Being a horse's leaders starts before you ever get into the saddle. Learn how to interact with them from the ground so they recognize you as their leader, and want to follow your directions.  

Tik explains how to direct your horse's focus at any given moment, so you can help them from fixating on the scary things, and pay attention to the things that can help them calm down. 

Just as you put your leg on to have your horse move away from the aid, so to can pressure and release help when your horse becomes scared or anxious. 

A spooky horse doesn't just stop spooking, but you can learn how to slowly start to control the magnitude and severity of the spook. 

Learn how to trouble shoot when your horse's anxiety spikes in the moment, and some common issues that arise in almost all horses that stem from anxiety. 

Tik shows you how to make success out of even the smallest steps, and what to expect in terms of progress on a daily or weekly basis for your horse. 

Meet Tik Maynard, your Masterclass Instructor

Tik Maynard is a horse behavior expert, trainer, coach, clinician, best-selling author, and international-level competitor who has combined his love of eventing with horsemanship training. He and his wife, Sinead Halpin, who is a 5* three day event rider and member of the U.S. Equestrian Team, run Copperline Farm in Citra, Florida, accompanied by their two young children.

Tik's mother competed in grand prix dressage while his father was a grand prix show jumper. Tik grew up riding in the show jumping ring frequently and eventually became interested in Modern Pentathalon - a sport in which he won the National Championships and competed in the World Championships twice.

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