Ian Millar Teaches Body Control and Feel

Every Rider Can Develop Feel...

It's not something you're either born with or you're not. Feel isn’t an intangible skill. It’s the ability to have your horse eager and willing to work by asking the right question, the right way, at the right time. In this masterclass, you’ll learn how to improve your balance, communications and confidence to get the most out of your partnership with your horse.

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Learn the Foundations of Feel

Develop a solid understanding of what "feel" is, and how by learning to communicate and listen to your horse and their body language, you can start to whisper back to them. 

Build Your Balance

Through a series of exercise and techniques, Ian Millar teaches you how to develop your sense of feel at the walk, on the lunge line, through a shoulder-in, and the walk. 

Control Your Body

Your body is your main communication method with your horse, both on the ground and in the saddle. Learn how to make your body work for you instead of against you. 

Course Overview

Here are just a few of the many things you'll have access to with this course: 

  • 15 in-depth video lessons with Ian Millar
  • Learn how to control your body at any given time for better communication
  • Practical exercises to help you develop your sense of feel
  • How horse's read your balance in the saddle, and how to use your aids in the quietest way possible
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Body Control and Feel Lesson Plan

In this first lesson, Ian discusses the importance of feel and body awareness and how ANYONE can learn to develop it. Having a strategy and implementing the correct skills and tactics is the first step in this process. Through explanation, demonstration and application, Ian explains the exact ways in which you will learn how to cultivate feel and body awareness in this course.

To have feel, a rider must be empathetic. To be empathetic, a rider must have the desire to care. In this lesson, Ian discusses the foundations a rider must follow in order to cultivate feel along with the many ways to build a sustainable and strong relationship with your horse to reach optimal success.

Body language plays a huge role in our success as a rider and our relationship with our horse. Like most things, body language can too, be learned through application of trial and error. Learning to observe your horse's own body language is another great way to develop an understanding of exactly how your horse communicates and responds.

Communication is everything when it comes to building a successful relationship with your horse and can be easier than you think to decipher through if you really listen to your horse. Learning to communicate with your horse through the correct amount of pressure can take time, but through trial, error and patience, you will be able to observe your horse's reaction, make changes where necessary and reward your horse when you achieve the desired outcome.

In this lesson, Ian discusses how the best riders use technique, skills and education to communicate with their horse rather than strength and how more often than not, this will give you better results and a stronger relationship with your horse.

Teaching a horse to listen to your whispers takes time, but can be the ultimate factor in changing the success of communication between you and your horse. In this lesson, Ian explains the techniques of pressure, reinforcement and consequence in order to get your horse to listen to your whispers so that you do not have to rely on physical strength.

Isolating components in our training is key in making things more understandable and achievable for our horse. Especially when it comes to developing feel, understanding the pressure scale and exactly how to use it successfully with your horse can allow for both you and your horse to better understand each others way of communicating with one another.

Learn about the Basket of Three technique, and how to successfully ride a shoulder-in using feel and body control. 

Consistency is everything, but seriously! In order for your horse to begin to understand your body language and build balance together, establishing knowledge of the classical basics and staying consistent and patient is key.

In order to have feel and understanding of balance, you must first understand the function of what works well, starting with the classical basics. Whatever you are trying to achieve on your horse will determine what style of riding it requires however, all styles stem from the same place: the basics. Through intentional practice, consistency and accuracy, balance and feel can be achieved in a way that is most functional and effective to your horse.

In this lesson, Ian discusses the art of staying patient, listening to your horse and taking the time to really think about a solution before taking action.

Getting someone to help you, use the lunge line to practice your balance and feel on your horse. 

Pole exercises are a great way to develop your feel and body control without overtaxing your horse.

Gymnastic exercises are a great opportunity to develop feel and body control through trial and error in a more controlled jumping environment.

Building off your last gymnastics exercise, progress to a more advanced level to really test you the skills you learned in this course

Meet Ian Millar, your Masterclass Instructor

Ian Millar stands as a towering figure in the realm of Canadian show jumping, earning the moniker "Captain Canada" through a storied career that has spanned over four decades, highlighted by 10 appearances at the Olympic Games, a testament to his enduring commitment to excellence; Millar's equestrian journey has been adorned with numerous national and international titles, showcasing not only his unparalleled skill and sportsmanship but also solidifying his status as one of Canada's most decorated athletes; beyond the accolades, his influence resonates as a guiding force within the Canadian equestrian community, where his role as a mentor and coach has inspired and shaped the trajectories of countless riders, leaving an enduring legacy that transcends the boundaries of the arena.

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