Dr. Jenny Susser Teaches How to Control Fear and Anxiety


Become More Powerful Than Your Anxiety

Anxiety and fear can feel paralyzing, take the joy out of riding, or simply stall your progress. It's one of the most common issues holding riders back. The good news? You CAN gain control. In this Masterclass, Dr. Jenny Susser, P.h.D, breaks down the science behind fear and gives you the same tools used by Olympic riders and Navy SEALS to put your fear in the back seat.

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Learn the Science Behind Fear

Knowledge is power - once you know where your fear comes from physiologically, you can start to figure out how to gain better control over it from an emotional point of view. 

The Flavors of Fear

Not all fear is the same! Learning about the different ways that you can be afraid can help you figure out unique ways to deal with and control each "flavor." 

See it In Action

Using recorded clinic sessions, watch and learn how Dr. Susser helps riders deal with different types of fear in real time, and learn which techniques might resonate with you. 

Course Overview

Here are just a few of the many things you'll learn during this course: 

  • What's happening in your mind and body when you feel fear
  • How fear affects your ability to stay on course, ride your plan, and make good decisions
  • Techniques to take your brain from reactive to rational
  • How to manage fear of new things (like jumping bigger)
  • Recovering from accidents, falls, and bad experiences
    Projecting confidence to your horse
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How to Control Fear and Anxiety Lesson Plan

Learn about the basics of fear, and what it's designed to do for us from a positive point of view. 

Discover the science behind fear, and how it effects the body from a physiological perspective. 

Dr. Jenny explains how we can react differently to make fear work for us rather than against us, and when we should stop and listen to our fear!

There is power in words, and Dr. Jenny shows how the words you use to describe your fear and your response to it can have a direct impact on your emotions and actions. 

You don’t need 10,000 hours to form a functional habit, and you don’t need to become an expert, you just need to become more powerful. Dr. Jenny explains how research shows that once you do something daily for 3 weeks, it will become a habit, and the benefits that can come along with it. 

Dr. Jenny takes you through the various ways that being afraid of your horse can effect your riding. 

To progress at riding, you need to try new things - and sometimes those new things can be pretty frightening. Dr. Jenny goes through this flavor of fear, and what you can do to help overcome it. 

Nothing makes a rider more defensive than expecting a stop, and unfortunately, when you expect it, your horse usually does it. Dr. Jenny helps you reset and rewire this common challenge in the saddle. 

After something traumatic or scary happens, resist the urge to get right back on the horse. Take some time to regroup, get the tools and skills you need, and recenter. Nothing good comes from getting back on when you’re still in a fear response mode.
Dr. Jenny explains how after an accident, slow and steady wins the race.

Dr. Jenny shows you how to prepare yourself for competition by developing habits and practicing your tools consistently before you ever need to use them in a competitive setting.

See Dr. Jenny help a rider perform through her tension and anxiety in real-time. 

We've all ridden those horses who we felt were just too much for us, even though in reality, they weren't. Dr. Jenny takes a rider through this very common challenge in real-time. 

Part of riding is performing for others, which can be very scary! Dr. Jenny helps a rider through this "flavor" of fear in a real clinic setting. 

Dr. Jenny explains that change is hard, and it takes a lot of work. But, you'll now have the tools, so it’s up to you to put in the work to see real progress.

Meet Dr. Jenny Susser, your Masterclass Instructor

Dr. Jenny Susser, a licensed psychologist and Certified Mental Performance Consultant, brings a wealth of experience in Sport & Performance Psychology. A former elite athlete, she was a four-year All-American swimmer, coached at UCLA, and competed in the 1988 Olympic Trials. Dr. Jenny has worked with diverse clients, from Division I collegiate teams to equestrians at all levels. She served as the Sport Psychologist for the South African Para Dressage Team in 2010 and the USET Sport Psychologist for the US Olympic Dressage Team in 2012. Transitioning to the corporate realm, she has delivered keynote speeches and performance training to Fortune 500 companies, blending science, education, experience, and intuition for remarkable results.

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